Goodwin Barrett

Goodwin Barrett (GWB) approached RSS Digital with their vision to grow as a business, the sole aim was to generate more business and become the biggest company in the UK in this sector.

Following previous success in Native Advertising for other investment clients it was only right that this was the avenue we choose to target and help GWB grow.

It was for us to design ads, content and generate advertising and ensure GWB was seen across the network for customers to have the opportunity to engage and start the potential to claim back on where they had been mis sold by major banks.

Within a month, the work we had produced had flooded GWB so much that it pushed them on to an immediate recruitment drive and being the fact it was through COV-19 was great for those who were potentially struggling to find jobs through such a tough time.

Since running Native Advertising for Goodwin Barrett, we have helped increase the size of the business by over 30% and continue to date to help them grow.

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