Who we are?

We are a digital marketing agency that uses social media, native advertising, PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO optimisation to drive high-performance sales leads.

RSS Digital help our clients in their growth and work closely with them to help achieve their sales targets and increase their return on investment. We deliver great products, we work with great clients and we always make sure we have a great time doing it.

RSS Digital Ltd was founded in 2016 and was created for the sole purpose of delivering a higher quality lead of customers who are genuinely interested in all products and industries. RSS Digital’s ambition is to become the market leader in native and social advertising, Paid Search and Web Development.
RSS Digital now has it's own UK Based development team so we have total control in creating digital marketing solutions for your company.
RSS Digital’s road map for future growth is a very positive one. Although the digital marketing space is ever changing and can sometimes be uncertain, we understand that Native and Social platforms will be crucial for online marketers to generate new customers in a measurable and cost effective way. We will lead the path in continuing to deliver great results to all of our clients we work with whilst sharing in their success.

RSS Digital Team

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Patrick Blake

Commercial Director

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Dene Walsh

Associate Director

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Ben Thrussell

Chief Technology Officer

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Chelsea Upson

Operations and Finance Manager

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Shane Parmar

Data Administrator

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Jessica Ingram

Junior Admin Assistant

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Paul Adam

Front-end Developer

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Luna The Pug

Morale Booster

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Snowy The Cat

Morale Booster 2

RSS Digital building office